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Corlandro vd Stuyver  

Contendro & Cobe vd Stuyver

Corlandro is a beautiful brown gelding born in 2008.  He is a typical sporthorse with great ability for jumping but also with great movements and an ability for dressage.  In free jumping he is amongst the best. 

He is brought under the saddle in Wickrath and is very easy to handle.

Corlandro is a grandson of our Elite mare Myrtille and closely related to Urban, Cordino and Charisma.

In 2011 he will now get some free moments in the open air en will then be prepared for a further career in jumping.   



Hamlet vd Stuyver  

Contendro & Cobe vd Stuyver

Hamlet is a strong brown gelding born in 2007.

He was brought under the sadlle in 2010 and showed from the beginning great capacities for dressage and for show jumping.

He is now participating in dressage contests for 4 year old horses and is showing at every presentation his great talent for dressage.

Also in free jumping he shows his talents and he participated as a 3 year old in the free jump contest for young horses in Wickrath (Germany)



Farah vd Stuyver  

Fidertanz & Evita vd Stuyver


Farah is a wonderful dark mare born in 2008.  She is easy to ride and shows very great talent for high level dressage.


She participated in the contest for broodmares in Wickrath and was praised for her easy character and marvelous movements.




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